Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene and the Outer Banks of NC

I have many great memories of taking the family to the Outer Banks for summer vacation.  Our kids grew up on the beach practically in the shadow of Cape Hatteras light house.  I pulled the TT out there every June for some much needed down time from the hectic world we live in.  It was a place to relax, fish, explore and learn the local history.   We have been there when two tropical storms blew through and saw how efficient the road crews are at moving sand dunes from the roads and restoring the island. Now as Irene is bearing down my thoughts are with the bankers whose lives depend upon the sands of the outer banks.  I know many vacationers have to make other plans which will effect the local economy.   But I know the spirit of the local population is strong…has to be to live on a spit of sand 18 miles off the mainland, and hurricanes are nothing new.   I’m sure the true grit of the bankers will see their way through this one as well.  God bless and stay out of harms way.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Great Outdoors RV Park in Franklin NC

Entrance sign at the park!
...and some of the happy campers waiting to greet you!

The Great Outdoors RV park is located just outside of Franklin NC a small community in the Smoky Mountains.  It is known for its gem and mineral mines, located near many trailheads, waterfalls, outstanding mountain views and natural beauty.  We like to visit every year, breath  in the mountain air and relax in the laid back vibe of the place.  For more photos click here