Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I like to photograph and enjoy using Photoshop and Coral Paint to enhance and create digi art treatements in my spare time.  These are my first published efforts, which I expect the folder to grow with time.  Click on the boat to see the folder.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Its all about the season!

Just over a week away from parking the TT at Kentucky Lake for Thanksgiving and preparations are well underway.  My spare time is full up but well be well worth it once we arrive.  Planning is everything!  We are all really looking forward to spending time parked overlooking the lake and enjoying the campground this time of season. 
The photo's below were taken in late October.
Chestnut loop entrance

Lake side campsite

Barge plying the waters of Lake Kentucky

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sanitizing Fresh Water Hose

We all know about sanitizing our water systems in our RV’s but what about the hoses used to connect from the water supply to the camper? I am of the opinion (and am also guilty) that few RVers think to clean their hoses. This year I decided to make it part of my seasonal cleaning ritual and here is what I  did.

Food grade 5 gallon bucket
Rubber Gloves
Protective Eye Wear

Star San:
I use a food grade acidic cleaner called Star San. It is Oder less, tasteless and only takes 30 seconds of contact to kill bacteria. It also will not harm clothing and does not have to be rinsed. It can be purchased on line, just Google “home brewing supply”. I do not recommend the Iodine sanitizer for hoses. Star San is the same cleanser restaurants use to clean their beverage lines.

You can also use plain bleach and achieve the same results but you have to handle it a little differently than the Star San. Wear old cloths, add 1 tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water and soak your hoses for 20 minutes and finish by rinsing them thoroughly.
Tightly coil the hose to fit into the bucket then massage the hose to fill with sanitizer.  After sanitation drain and I use an air compressor and blow out the lines though that is optional.  Let dry and you’re done but for the cleanup.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Cleaning Fresh Water Tank

We purchased the Premier a week before our fall trip to St George Island SP in Florida and I did not have enough time to clean the fresh waster tank before the trip.  It had been winterized buy the dealer but drained and partially filled with fresh water.  We didn't really need the water but kept it for the overnights on the road.  It was not drinkable but used for the bathroom and heating up for dishes.  Today is the 7th of November and I'd normally have the camper winterized by now. But since we are going to use it for 8 days around Thanksgiving and again for 3 nights during a trade show in early December, I'm filling the holding tank not draining it!I decided to go ahead and sanitize the tank today and used the recommended method from the owners manual.  Its a little extra work this late in the season but worth is since there will be no water hook ups for those 11 days.  I'm not too concerned about freezing at Thanksgiving but I am for the December show.  When we loaded out last year on Sunday night it was 11 degrees!
Anyway, I'm glad I cleaned the fresh water tank and am ready for the upcoming trips.