Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not Yet Awake From A Long Winters Rest

It is the end of February, 2012 and the Bullet is still under its winter blanket.  We have a lot of trees and spring time is messy with pollen so I hold off pulling the cover as long as possible.  Though this year I have the itch to do it soon!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 2012

I spend my time during the "quiet season" when we are home and the TT is under its cover looking for new destinations, making reservations and planning vacations.  We've firmed up Charleston SC for June now so that is two weeks ready in advance.  It is usual for us to do four weeks a year with reservations and then throw in another week or so on local parks and campgrounds within a days drive.  This year may be a break in the usual as career and planning for retirement has become very important this year.  But that is another story for an AARP blog LOL!
I was out in the Bullet yesterday just looking around.  One of the Keystone Bullet bloggers has given me a couple of ideas for a few mods I'd like to do.  Putting carpet in the bedroom area is appealing and easy.  Making the storage area under the dining seating more accessible is one I've pondered and will involve a bit more planning.  Installing a door on the vertical side and a sliding storage drawer sounds like the way to go.  I know these bullets have a LOT of storage areas but one can never have too much!  
But for now, she is resting under her cover just waiting out the winter.  Regardless of what mods I end up doing (or not) its going to be a good year for to plan those other two weeks.