Monday, June 11, 2012

James Island Co. Park, Charleston SC

We have read that all sites at James Island County Park were good sites.  We found out that while this is true with the vast majority not all sites are created equal.  We'd not been here before so didn't have a camp site preference when making reservations earlier in the year. We had a last minute change of plans and ended up getting there two days early.  Our first two nights at the park were spent at #116 and turns out was a very good one.  Deep, and private.  We then moved to our reserved site

This is our reserved site.  #30 and I wouldn't recommend it.  Its on a corner and is very close to two other camp sites with no privacy.  It also is by a pond that seems to harbor hords of mosquitos.

As you can see there is the drive of site 27 in the left of the picture.  Their outdoor fire ring and table is about 20 from site 30's with minimal vegitation between the two.  We don't mind neighbors but don't want to be able to pass the katsup back and forth with them either!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mystery of the Wobbling Table

I have noticed that our kitchen table has been very unstable.  It wobbled and made eating an adventure much like being out to sea.  At first I thought the vertical tubes were the problem but soon discovered the right reciever in the floor was the culprit.

These are supposed to be a one piece untit but the one on the right had somehow snapped.  I am not sure if it came from the factory like this or if we did it without realizing it. 

 Detail of the snapper and the snapee!

I was fortunate to have a spare reciever hanging around so I took the broken one up from the floor using a square/philips security bit and replaced it.  Mystery solved, no more wobble!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Wyeth Look

After a day of cleaning and prepping for the upcoming trip to best Wyeth impression...