Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Refrigerator Drain Hose Blues

I noticed on our last outing that our refrigerator isn't draining the condensation water from the cooling fins as it is supposed too.  Rather it collects under the vegtable crispers and leaks onto the floor.

As you can see, I used some food color in water to run a test, the colored water sits under where the vegtables crispers slide in.  I poured the water in the drain pan (removed for the picture) and the water didn't run through the drain hose, but streamed down the back wall of the frig.

Next I got a flexible audio cable and used it as a snake.

This after I had my son blow through the drain tube outside...
I pushed the cable through the drain to my son outside.

We worked it back and forth to clear any clog or mud dauber work.

And the result...while the drain line is clean and hooked up for some reason the condensation STILL streams down the back wall and gathers rather than drains as it is supposed too.  I suppose this warrents a call the mfg.