Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thursday, March 14th, pulled the cover off the trailer.  I'm enjoying looking at it again sitting there waiting for its spring clean up and the few mods I'm going to do. Not big projects but welcome ones.
1. I've got a real exhaust fan to replace the rinky-dink one over the shower ;)

2. I bought 10 LED light boards to replace light bulbs and have installed a few just to see the       difference. Plus - much brighter, minus - don't like the "warm light"...too cold and blue at 5500 kelvin... I like the 5000 range in the more warmpth, oh well off the the local stage and lighting supply for some lighting gells to cool it down. I have 11 more to purchase to complete the lighting but wanted to see them before going full refit. The LED lighting will use 6 times less power consumption, good for the enviornment and great for off the grid camping!

3. Finally: have all the materials ready to install adjustable rail shelving in the closets on either side of the bed.  This will be a big improvement over the plastic  shelving we have used for the past 2 seasons.
Just under 4 weeks away from pulling it to Florida for our first outing fo the year! :thumbup:

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